We, the staff at the Garden of Light, acknowledge that the shop operates on the traditional, unceded and unsurrendered lands of the Algonquin people. 

Under the encouragement of his spiritual master Sri Chinmoy, Utsahi St-Amand, a professor of social sciences, had been inspired to open an enterprise specializing in unique quality gifts. This inspiration led him to open the Garden of Light, in 1999, in Ottawa. With such a luminous name for an enterprise, Utsahi was in search of merchandise that resonated with the peace and joy the shop was meant to offer its patrons. Thus, he began travelling to Nepal and Southeast Asia. During his numerous travels, he came across singing bowls, and immediately realized their incredible potential to aid in meditation.


From then on, he regularly travels to Nepal to purchase directly from the merchants of these divine instruments. These travels also help Utsahi deepen his appreciation for the rich culture and history of singing bowls.

With gratitude,

The gardeners at the Garden of Light

1111 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON